Composition, Production & Songwriting

Music for film, TV, games, media & co.
Instrumentals for artists

Thanks to our team of musicians, it is possible to produce every kind of music that is requested. Is it classic, jazz or pop music or electronic beats and soundeffects. We can offer instrumentals as well as songs with female or male vocals.

Working together is very important to receive the optional sounds, if you have already some ideas like melodies, lyrics or even emotions or pictures it would be very helpful to know them, so we can figure out the best result together.



Music followed me from the beginning on. As a son of a jazzguitar player and musiclover, there was barely an hour in my childhood without concerts or LP’s of different genres playing in the background.
When I was six I had my first guitar lessons.
My first interest on making my own music developed at the age of 12, when I started to write lyrics and recording them over HipHop based beats.
After working with many, very gifted artists, I started to produce my own instrumentals pretty soon.
At that time I felt that it’s necessary to increase my knowledge in music theory and soundengineering, to do so I started practising on the piano as well.
After a while I couldn’t express myself enough by just staying in the genre HipHop so I started experimenting with different styles of music.
When I was 17, I was also a part of the fusion-band TDAG-project and started visiting different jamsessions in vienna. Also I spent a lot of time working on many projects with different musicians I met through the time. From classic to jazz, hiphop and pop – there was nearly no genre we left untouched.
After my highschool graduation I started to study Jazz-singing at the Vienna Konservatorium and later on at the JamMusicLab. At those places I met unbelievably talented musicians, which were a big influence on my musical development.
Another big influence was Kammersängerin Olivera Miljakovic. I was allowed to be part of many of her beneficial concerts and also got a lot of tips from her.
The biggest influence I guess is still my dad, besides his skills on the guitar I admire his way of composing and arranging.
Also his music-collection provides me still with a lot of inspiration.
Music in movies and games were since I noticed it very special for me. The way how it influences our emotions and mixes with the picture is just an art for itself.
Luckily i got to work with a few movie/game producers and had the experience to experiment also in this genre.

In my opinion it is very necessary to be open for new things, otherwise it would be very hard to develop. To quote Frank Zappa: “A mind is like a parachute. It doesn’t work if it is not open.”
I travel through different kinds of music, because I believe from every genre there are some particular experiences we could adapt onto others.
Nowadays I’m composing and producing everything from classic, jazz and fusion to pop, hiphop, electronic music and soundeffects.